Manitoba Health Standards Visit

We are very pleased to share our recent success with our Manitoba Health Standards Visit.   Manitoba Health has 26 Standards that all personal care homes must adhere to.  Every 2 years all personal care homes receive a visit where Manitoba Health and a representative from the Health Region ensures there is evidence that these standards are being met.  These standards are to ensure the home provides safe Resident centered care.  Click the link below to see how we did!

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Advanced Dementia: Caregiver Guide

“The purpose of this guide is to provide information to the family members and individuals responsible for making health care decisions for patients with advanced dementia. The guide covers issues that most commonly confront decision-makers caring for patients with advanced dementia. The guide is meant to serve as a resource to provide support when sensitive and challenging decisions must be made. The information is intended to complement and encourage, but not replace, counseling by the patients’ direct health-care providers.”

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