Security at Misericordia Place

You may have heard in the news a recent story about a break-in at a local Personal Care Home.

In terms of safety and security at Misericordia Place, reminders:

  • All entrances to Misericordia Place are locked 24/7 and require card access
  • Misericordia Health Centre’s security team provides 24/7 coverage to Misericordia Place, including monitoring security cameras
  • Visitors need to use our intercom system to contact the front desk in order to enter Misericordia Place

A thank you to Misericordia Place staff, who are always very vigilant in regards to letting security know when unfamiliar individuals are present.

Questions? Please contact Tyler Brown, security manager, at 204-788-8300, or Tara Keyser, Resident Care Manager, at 204-788-8452

2 thoughts on “Security at Misericordia Place

  1. Dont forget the gate off the courtyard. It was frequently open when my wife was a resident last year. Gavin Scott

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    1. Thanks for your note, Mr. Scott. This gate off the courtyard has a new padlock on it! Best, Heidi Klaschka, MHC Director Communications & IT


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